The Indie Bible – An Invaluable Resource For Independent Musicians

We all know, that for a DIY musician, creating something magical on a shoe-string budget is well within the realms of possibility.

With a wide range of software available for home recording, apps to help with cover art (wink wink), online mastering programs and affordable digital release platforms, you would think everything is in it’s right place for a musician going it alone.

There’s one vital ingredient missing though….


Having a stellar product and not having the resources to get anyone to listen to it is a crime against music!

Of course, you can hire professionals to do your press outreach and radio plugging, but very few musicians and bands can afford to risk such a big outlay on an unpredictable return on investment.

Many artists make the mistake of thinking that throwing a few thousand bucks at a big name media agent will propel them into the musical stratosphere.

Unless you have a large following, and previous success in the industry (or a big label behind you or a famous relative…) then your money is definitely better spent elsewhere for now!

You don’t need a big-time press agent! You can do it yourself!

Sure, it requires dedication and devotion but, as a musician, those qualities should be intrinsically embedded in your persona by now!

Now you’re thinking “OK, yes, I could do it alone, but it’s going to take forever to get all the contacts I need”


Step forward The Indie Bible.

This document is worth its weight in gold (figuratively speaking as it is an online document).

We’re talking over 1500 pages, top to bottom, of incredible music industry contacts.

The bible contains:

  • 1100 magazines that will REVIEW your music!
  • 3800 radio stations that will PLAY your songs!
  • 900 music blogs that will feature your music
  • 1100 labels and distributors that will help you to SELL your music!
  • 1000 promotion, marketing, management, PR and publicity services
  • 400 sites where you can UPLOAD your band’s MP3s or videos!
  • 92 articles that will help your music career to SUCCEED!

‘An example of a page from the Indie Bible, one of 1500 of them’


I don’t often use this blog-space to ‘endorse’ others but man, this is something else.

I even used The Indie Bible when reaching out to blogs and magazines for promo for TAD the app, as I thought:

“Hey, it is musicians using the app and musicians reading these blogs and magazines, right?”

The support that we got was amazing; countless blog reviews, a fair few magazine write-ups, and I even got a few radio and podcast interviews from it too.

The only disappointment was that at the time I wasn’t making music.

It was so useful I was desperate to use this manifesto for my own music projects!

To give you a bit more of an insight, you don’t just get a company and an email.

You get the company’s name, the contact’s name, the direct email address, details on their submission policy AND a brief description of the content of the publication/service/ label your are writing to!

The categories are also divided into sub-categories by genre and location.

If that wasn’t enough (and it really should be!) it’s also packed with helpful articles about navigating the independent musician landscape.

Go and have a look for yourself now –

One thing I would say, if you get the Indie Bible, and are planning a release, give yourself a few weeks prior to go through this extensive outreach list!

Lee Jones

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Lee Jones

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