TAD – The Story So Far


As we approach the 3 month anniversary of TAD’s release I look back on what we’ve learned and what we’ve achieved, and look forward, to a great future for TAD and our growing family of independent musicians.

As an independent, self-financed company, we have been working our socks off trying to spread the word about TAD to the indie music community on a shoe-string budget (I’m sure as fellow musicians you can relate to this!).

We’ve had some ups and downs , some panicked moments and some truly awesome TAD reviews.

TAD App Launched

When we first went live on the app store there was a bug on the iPad version (not our fault apparently since a lot of developers had a similar problem with an iOS update and compatibility issues).

My heart sank.

All that work and we’d launched with a product that didn’t work! I thought we’d totally fucked it.
Worst of all, the crack-team of myself and Ian were in charge of testing, and we’d both only tested on iPhones. Idiots. Luckily, Paul was there to save the day and exterminate the gremlin in the machine before we got too slated.

I’ve learnt now that developing software is a rollercoaster ride and there’s always pesky bugs hiding where you can’t find them – until a customer does……

Rest assured, we’ll always do all we can to make this app (and the others we’ll make down the line) as perfect as they can possibly be.

As well as dedicating the last year of my life to TAD, I also spent all my money on building the app. So, really, from day one, we’ve had an advertising budget of zero (well, maybe the odd $10 Facebook post boost when feeling particularly flush).

I’ve also really had NO IDEA what I’m doing.

When I first came up with the idea, I didn’t even know what a ‘Thumbnail’ was.

I just wanted a square picture to use on Soundcloud!

I’m a musician. I don’t know anything about tech, but I’m learning as I go. I think that kind of helped in a way, when I was reaching out to people. I think they felt sorry for me!

Luckily, word of mouth has been incredible. We’ve had the vocal support of some amazing companies, initiatives and press within the community, with whom we share a common goal – to make life less of a struggle for an independent artist.

So, I thought I’d gather a few of the words of support together in this post.

DIY Musician Community Shows Some Love

Firstly, I just got wind of TAD being featured on Graham Cochrane’s amazing blog ‘The Recording Revolution‘.

Check out the ‘bigging up’ we get here:

Graham – thanks so much for giving TAD a go and your kind words.

And this is just part of his ‘Song In A Month Challenge‘ – a great 8-part tutorial/ creative experiment for musicians everywhere to be more pro-active. Well worth watching it all and getting inspired!

TAD the App Reviews

And here are some more of the awesome things that other awesome people have said about TAD:

“I played around on the app over the holiday weekend and it’s really easy to use. Within minutes you’re ready to share your music (and it’s corresponding artwork) with the world!”   Chris Robley, CD Baby DIY Musician blog

“I found TAD incredibly intuitive & easy to use” Anthony Barton, DITTO Music

“The finished product was a professional looking album sleeve ready to export where we wanted it” Callum Mirams, Music Gateway

“You can create good-looking cover art without the need of Photoshop” Oscar Hjelmstedt, Dotted Music

“TAD enables users to create robust cover art perfect for iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud & others” Hypebot

“TAD the app is a fantastically useful tool for creating brilliant looking cover art at 3000 pixels square. It’s quick and easy to use” Beth Deady, MGM Music Distribution

“Every indie musician needs this!” Indie Bible

“Your cover art needn’t let you down with TAD, a brand new locally made cover art app created by indie musicians, for indie musicians” Sounds of Oz

TAD Future Plans

So, what does the future hold?

Stay tuned to this blog (sign up here)  as we are on the cusp of releasing an update with some vast improvements on the filters and frames, plus a super mega discount to unlock ALL of our Font & Sticker packs at once (You asked, you shall receive!).

In the coming months we will also be launching a Podcast, which will feature interviews with Industry experts and also with you, the artists. As well as interviews we’ll be featuring the best new music from the indie world (more news on the submission process coming soon, again – sign up to be notified!

There’s also plans in the future to make TAD available for Android users, and to develop it into a web-app/desktop version.

So lots of exciting things on the horizon, hang on in there!

The feedback we’ve had so far has been incredible and really humbling. I personally could not be happier, and I want to thank everyone who’s installed the app (nearly 30,000 in 3 months!) and especially to those who have reached out on our social channels with kind words.

Waking up to an email or a review in the App Store of ‘This app has changed my life” or “I use TAD for all my cover art now!” is just amazing.

tad reviews app store

It makes all the hard work worthwhile, and puts me in a good mood all day! (If you haven’t given us a review in the app store yet, please do so here!

So thanks again everyone, and here’s to the future.

We have soooo much planned I think you’ll want to be involved in. And I’m looking forward to seeing this family grow even more!

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Lee Jones