How To Use TAD


We came up with the idea for TAD to solve a very simple problem.

As a musician, there are times when you want to create a high quality piece of artwork for your music and all your usual options aren’t available.

Your mate who’s a designer is too busy or is fed up of doing your jobs for free, you haven’t got the cash to pay anyone you trust to do a good job, or maybe you’re just very short of time.

There are options.

You can try and learn the design skills and necessary software your self. There’s even some great web apps that will let you make something passable.

But, we felt that there simply wasn’t anything that would always be to hand and that would deal with a good chunk of the design decisions for you.

That’s why we made TAD.

On your iPhone, in your pocket and there to use whenever you need it. TAD leads you through the process based on sound design principles and templates yet gives you endless freedom for customisation.

Truly, anyone can get great results with TAD.

Even me!

Watch while I walk through the basics.


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Lee Jones

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Steven Charles - March 16, 2016 Reply

I went to the App Store, did a search for TAD, and it came up with nothing… it seems you can only find it in the iTunes store. Plus, it’s a bummer it’s not compatible with my iMac, as I don’t have an iPhone or iPad. Is it much more difficult making it as a standard app, usable on a desktop?

    Lee Jones - March 21, 2016 Reply

    Hi Steven

    We are working on a desktop version – well, a web version – that will work on any device.

    No ETA yet but it’s coming.


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