TAD Vintage Drums Sample Pack

drum samples pack

As well as developing our App to help musicians create great artwork for their digital releases (get it here if you haven’t already), the TAD team comprises four people who between us have over 100 years combined experience in the music industry (which has just scared me!).

That means that the team here at TAD have been making, recording, producing, managing & releasing music for many years, and we’ve picked up a lot along the way.

Not only have we picked up a lot of knowledge from our experiences but between us we have amassed some serious studio kit and some equally impressive sample libraries.

We love to share stuff with our community of independent musicians, producers and artists.

Sometimes we’ll share experiences and advice in our BLOG but today we’re going to share some of our killer vintage drum samples with the ‘TAD Vintage Drum Samples Pack’.

These are the drums that were used at the birth of electronic music, and later popularised in Hip-Hop and Rave.

These kits will add a real classic-retro feel to your compositions, please feel free to share with us what you’ve made!

Stay tuned to hear about some really exciting things we’ve got coming up. We’re launching a podcast featuring industry expert interviews, and we’ll want YOUR music to showcase.

There’s also a remix competition coming very soon with some rad prizes including an official release and some slick studio gear.

But, for now, enjoy the sample pack and we’ll see you next time!!

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Lee Jones

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James - July 12, 2016 Reply

Thanks for these Lee. I already tried out the “Rhodes Polaris” sounds to REAPER, setting up a “kit” with the shortcircuit sampler.

This doesn’t load aif files, so I had to convert them to wavs, which is easy to do in REAPER (just render selected items).

Reverb and distortion and eq’s going, sounds like Nash the Slash, haha.

Sure to be used in my tracks. Thanks for putting it together and sharing, Lee.


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