TAD Vintage Drums Sample Pack

drum samples pack

We’ve been digging around in our personal sample libraries this week and have pulled together an amazing set of vintage drum samples that we thought we’d share with the Indie Musician community. Loads of classic drum sounds from the classic kit from Roland, Korg, Ensoniq and many more – and it’s free! Get it here.

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10 Ways To Improve Local Gigs

band at local gig

If your band are playing local gigs then you need to make the most of every show. As an experienced and working indie I’ve come up with a list of ten tips for how any band or musician can make every gig the best it can be. It’s my personal take but I’m sure you can relate to a lot of these!

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TAD – The Story So Far

Three months after we launched our album sleeve creator app, it’s time to reflect. There have been some great TAD reviews and a lot of support for our app and idea across all levels of the music industry. Read more about our first few months in this post and get some upcoming news.

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Bowie – Starman and Hero

All of us at TAD love David Bowie and have been deeply affected by his passing. As the week has gone on and we’ve all come to realise what a huge effect he’s had on music, art and the world in general we’ve put down a few words and a homage to the great man.

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Album Cover Art Quiz – The 90’s

We looked at thousands of album sleeves when designing TAD – the cover art design app. So we’ve taken that knowledge and experience and made a quiz where you can test your knowledge of 90’s album sleeves. Take the quiz and pass on your results.

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