Album Cover Art Quiz – The 90’s


We’ve spent a lot of time looking at album cover art during the design and build of our cover art design app.

We used all that research to make our app, TAD, as easy to use as possible for every musician. A key part of that was to create over 30 templates that are based on classic sleeve artwork from all eras of music so that the basics of the cover art design process are dealt with for you by the app.

It also means that all our team have looked at pretty much every mainstream (and a lot of obscure) album sleeves from the last 50 years or so.

It’s a shame to let all that research go to waste so I thought I’d knock up a little album cover art quiz that is based on the sleeves of the albums of my formative years – the 90’s.

Many of these albums are classics and you’ll probably be surprised by how many you know.

Take the quiz and pass on your results.

If you’re a working musician you can even treat this as ‘research’ for your next sleeve artwork – that you can of course design with TAD!

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Lee Jones

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