Indie Musicians Jedi Toolkit – Awaken The Force With These 101 Apps (Infographic)


There’s a lot of things that can make the life of an independent musician that little bit easier – but imagine what you could do if the ‘Force’ was strong in you?

We can’t promise to turn you into an instant musical Jedi, but these 101 Apps for Musicians will help with your training.

When we were developing our own app to help tackle an everyday issue for musicians (TAD), we researched all the apps available to musicians that could help them on their journey.

We’ve tried and tested hundreds of amazing tools and narrowed it down to this definitive list that will aid you every step of the way, from writing your music to touring it.

So get out your Phone or iPadawan and feel the force.

apps for musicians infographic

Sith of getting Alderaan advice about apps? These ARE the droids (and iOS!) that you are looking for!

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Lee Jones