The Award Winning Album Cover Art App

“TAD makes creating album cover art for your band super easy, and design matters when it comes to features and blogs promoting your music. Give it a go!”

Sarah Hamilton, Ditto Music


album cover art app


What Is TAD?


tad sleeve art app icon

TAD is the Thumbnail Art Design App for iOS. Creates sleeve and album cover art in minutes.

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The perfect solution for time poor musicians who aren’t designers.

TAD album sleeve template

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Also use TAD for Instagram, Apple Connect, Spotify and much, much more.

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Get creative with ‘Art’ elements to create millions of possible designs.





album cover artwork app screenshot

tad sleeve art maker screenshot

album cover art elements

album sleeve thumbnail file size

What The Industry Think Of TAD


“Tad the App is a fantastic little platform for young independent artists to design their own cover artworks. It’s low-cost and easy to use, allowing artists to spend more time and money on what matters most… the music”
Beth Deady, MGM Distribution
“TAD allows every musician to have great cover art. Simple and brilliant”
Sam Panetta, Producer & Artist Manager
(Kylie Minogue, Crowded House, Kisschasy)




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